How can I report wage theft or labor violations in Texas?

Zach Russell
Zach Russell

An employee who believes that his or her employer has violated this act may file a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

A wage claim must be submitted no later than 180 days after the date the claimed wages originally became due for payment. If part of your unpaid wages were due within 180 days, submit a claim only for that part. Your claim should identify each type of unpaid wage claimed and how you determined the amount due. If you are owed wages by more than one employer, submit a separate wage claim for each employer.

Wage claims can be submitted using TWC's online system or by using a paper form that you print and mail or fax to the Wage and Hour Department. A tutorial for how to apply online is available here. Texas Payday Law Wage Claim paper form can be found here, and a tutorial for how to apply a written claim can be found here.

Once TWC receives the wage claim, it will mail an acknowledgement letter to the employee making the claim. The acknowledgement letter provides a brief overview of the wage claim process and notice of receipt of a claim. TWC then notifies the employer by mail that a wage claim was filed and requests a response from the employer.

Once the wage claim investigation begins, an investigator may contact either party for additional information as needed. Based on the investigation, TWC makes a decision in the case and notifies the employee and employer by mail. If either the employee or the employer disagree with the decision, each has rights to appeal.

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