If you don't see KSAT on your TV, here are some things you can try

Scott Shiotani
Scott Shiotani

KSAT will start broadcasting its NEXTGEN signal on Monday, May 6, 2024 at 2:00 p.m. It is an over-the-air signal and does require an antenna.  It can help reduce or eliminate costly subscriptions by providing more channels to choose from for free.  KSAT will offer at least 5 different channels including ABC, MeTV, Heroes and Icons, Movies and StartTV.

  • Important Note: If you do not use an antenna and you watch television through a cable, satellite or streaming service, no action is required.

    For antenna users:

  • The most important thing to know if you watch television with an antenna is that you have to rescan your channels after 2 p.m. on Monday, May 6 to continue watching local TV, like KSAT. (Access through your TV settings. Read more about it here.)
  • If you have rescanned and still don't see KSAT 12.1, rotate or move your antenna and scan again. Also pointing the antenna a little more south (or towards Elmendorf) than when you did receive KSAT might help reception issues.
  • Flat panel antennas don't seem to work as well as other types.
  • You may also receive help by calling the KSAT Phone Bank at 210-351-1323 Tuesday morning.


NEXTGEN TV (also known as ATSC 3.0) is the latest digital television technology. It combines an over-the-air broadcast with the internet. Features of NEXTGEN TV include:

Brilliant Video

With NEXTGEN TV, you can immerse yourself in stunning video with brilliant color, sharper images and deeper contrast that’ll make you feel like you’re really there. NEXTGEN TV video capabilities include 4K, UHD, and HDR.

Enhanced Audio

NEXTGEN TV provides consistent volume across channels while Voice + dialogue enhancement allows you to hear every voice clearly. Voice + is available to viewers the moment the NEXTGEN TV is set up. NEXTGEN TV uses the Dolby AC-4 audio codec.

Interactive & Personalized Content

NEXTGEN TV will be enhanced with internet content to get the most out of live sports, live news, live events and more, in real-time. With NEXTGEN TV, local stations can personalize their news, sports, live events and shows with interactive features.

Upgradable for the Future

The NEXTGEN TV you buy today is designed to be upgradable with the advancements of tomorrow. TV manufacturers are able to update NEXTGEN TV sets connected to the internet to accommodate emerging NEXTGEN TV features that will be launched by broadcasters.


Watch this video for more information about NEXTGEN TV

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on0cjh5AIIc )

What kind of television do I need?

If you plan on getting a new TV, just make sure it is NEXTGEN-ready. Many new TVs will have NEXTGEN capabilities but there are also many brands that don’t.  Be sure to ask.

What if I have a NEXTGEN TV already?

If you already have a NEXTGEN TV you will have to rescan the channels to get the new signal. Your existing antenna will work with the NNEXTGEN signal.

Can I get the NEXTGEN signal if I have an older TV?

If you still want to use your existing set, you will be able to purchase a set-top tuner box that will find the free over-the-air NEXTGEN channels. These boxes attach to an external antenna and can find all the NEXTGEN channels available in your area. 

If you still have questions, please email fdaniels@ksat.com.

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  • Comment author
    Thomas McBee

    I am a loyal Ksat tv fan and I have scanned my tv like 10 times n I cannot get a signal, Im very sad n disappointed and will prob have to switch my news elsewhere…man , this sux…

  • Comment author
    Thomas McBee

    Dang it!

  • Comment author
    Thomas McBee

    I like yalls news n been a lifelong viewer since I was like 5 n now im worried I cant watch yall ever again, darn it… Im 43 now, sad face… what can I do?

  • Comment author
    Scott Shiotani

    Below are some things we have found that has helped others get the KSAT signal back on their TVs.

    You have to adjust your antenna and rescan.  This may have to happen several times before you find the channels.

    • Flat panel or square antennas don’t seem to work.
    • It is best to get an outdoor antenna but if that isn’t possible, rabbit ears or a newer UHF/VHF antenna might help.
    • Try moving your indoor antenna near a window or rotate it a bit and then rescan to help reception.
    • Aiming or pointing your antenna towards the direction of Floresville and Elmendorf may help.
    • Please use our KSAT Help Desk if you have more questions.
  • Comment author
    Rusty Robot

    Looks like ksat screwed everything up cant ever just leave things alone now you lost half your viewers with your garbage upgrade oh well glad theres 4 an 5 still hopefully they dont make the same mistake these fools did! So long ksat !


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