How Bexar County residents can appeal their property appraisals

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Residents of San Antonio have the opportunity each year to appeal the appraisal of their property if they believe it has been inaccurately assessed. This guide provides a step-by-step process for appealing your property appraisal with the Bexar Appraisal District (BAD).

Important Dates

  • Deadline for Appeals: Appeals must be filed by May 15 of the year, to be considered timely. If May 15 falls on a weekend, the protest deadline is the next business day.

Notification and Filing an Appeal

  • Notification: In April 2024, BAD notified approximately 540,000 property owners of changes in property values. If a property’s value increased by more than $1,000, the owner received a notice.
  • Filing an Appeal: Property owners can file an appeal by completing the form on the back of your appraisal notice. This can be submitted in one of three ways:
    • Mail: Send to Bexar Appraisal District, P.O. Box 830248, San Antonio, TX 78283.
    • Drop Box: Use the drop box located outside of BAD on North Frio Street.
    • Online: File through the “Online Services” section at or

Preparing for Your Appeal

  • Request Evidence: Check the red-letter box on your appeal form to request a packet of evidence from BAD, which includes documents and data used in your property’s valuation.
  • Informal Meeting: Schedule an informal meeting with BAD staff to discuss your appeal. This can be done online, and appointments for video or phone calls are available.
  • Evidence to Present:
    • Comparative sales data for your neighborhood.
    • Photographs of any property damage.
    • Repair estimates.

Settlement and Further Actions

  • Informal Settlement: Most cases are resolved at the informal meeting stage.
  • Formal Hearing: If unsatisfied with the settlement, you can request a hearing with the Appraisal Review Board, composed of community peers.
  • Legal Action: Further appeals can be taken to the courts if necessary.

Additional Tips

  • Professional Assistance: Consider hiring a professional to handle your appeal, which may involve a fee or a percentage of any tax savings.
  • Exemption Applications: These can also be filed directly with BAD at no charge.
  • Customer Support: For further inquiries, contact BAD at (210) 224-2432 or visit their website for more information and helpful videos.


  • Avoid In-Person Submissions: Due to long wait times, it is recommended to use mail or online services for submitting your appeal.
  • Make Copies: Ensure you have personal copies of all submitted forms and documents.

This process is designed to ensure that property values in San Antonio are assessed fairly and accurately, reflecting true market conditions and any extenuating circumstances that may affect property value.

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